Travel Resources for Graduate Students

College-Level Travel Support

The College of Engineering offers awards to support travel for graduate students who are presenting their original research at significant conferences in their fields. These travel awards require formal acceptance of the presentation/paper prior to disbursement and a brief report upon return from the conference. Partial support from the research supervisor (if available) and the home department is also required.

Available support will be allocated periodically based on the availability of funds—following the eligibility, requirements, and limitations described in the application form on InfoReady. In most cases, it will be disbursed as a scholarship award from the college. Graduate students seeking support for travel must apply on InfoReady. Advisors and departments will be asked to confirm the information submitted. 

A student may receive this travel award only once in the course of completing a degree. Only one advisee of a given faculty member may receive a travel award per fiscal year.

University Office of Global Programs

The University Office of Global Programs (UOGP) maintains a fund to support graduate travel related to the presentation of the scholarly work of Penn State graduate students at international conferences or other major professional meetings outside the United States. The goal is to promote and support global leadership in scholarship and international engagements. For more information, go to Travel Grants & Scholarships on the Global Penn State website.

University Park Allocation Committee

Domestic and International Travel Support:

Requesting student travel support from the University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) is a two-part process.

Students must:

  1. Create a Student Travel Funding Request (at least 40 days prior to travel/experience date)
  2. Complete a Student Travel Registration at Penn State Form* (at least three days prior to travel)

* From the Forms page, login to OrgCentral to access all available forms.

UPAC handbook section 3.3.2

  • Travel: any activity in which students leave the University to attend or participate in an experience not provided by Penn State students or faculty. All travel must accomplish an organizational function and/or improve a service offered to all students by bringing materials and information back to University Park.
  • Travel Eligibility Fall-Spring: Students must be currently enrolled in University Park classes during the semester in which they are traveling. Students who have graduated and are no longer enrolled in classes are not eligible for funding.
  • Travel Eligibility Summer: Students must be enrolled in University Park summer courses for the semester they will be traveling or registered for the upcoming fall semester at University Park. Students who have graduated and are no longer enrolled in classes are not eligible for funding.

UPAC Funds Support (from website provided above):

  • Educational: Conferences, field trips, cultural experiences (knowledge and insight)
  • Competitive: Competitions, showcases (apply knowledge and skills)
  • Performance: Demonstrations, exhibitions (share skills and abilities)
  • Service: Volunteer projects benefiting communities (excluding parent organizations)

Domestic Travel:

  • UPAC can fund up to $5,000 in organizational travel a year ($500 for independent travelers).
  • UPAC can fund up to 75% of transportation costs.
  • UPAC can fund up to $65/student/night in lodging.
  • UPAC can fund up to $100/student/registration fee.

International Travel:

  • UPAC is only able to fund transportation for international travel.