Engineering Faculty Governance

The College has the responsibility to establish instructional, research, and continuing education programs and to implement these in ways that will develop and maintain the engineering competence of the students at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. To attain these goals, certain functions are the responsibility of the faculty - collectively, individually, or through the formation of small groups or committees. These responsibilities include establishing guidelines for and advising on educational policy and programs, admissions and graduation requirements, research policy, and more.

Engineering Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is charged with considering all recommendations made for new majors; for the introduction of new courses and the dropping of old ones; to study the majors and offerings of the College as related to the needs of the students and the global engineering community, and to make recommendations on these matters to the Dean of the College of Engineering. More information »

Promotion and Tenure Committees

The College’s Promotion and Tenure Committees are responsible for reviewing the dossiers for tenure-track faculty, adhering to University promotion and tenure guidelines, and making recommendations on individual faculty members’ promotion and tenure progress. More information »