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The College of Engineering has a team of three faculty ombudspersons, each working independently. The role of unit ombudsperson is an elected role, not an administrative position. 

You may contact your choice of any of the three ombudspersons. When contacting an ombudsperson via email, please don't share any details--simply request an appointment. 

Fan-Bill Cheung (term ends August 2024)
304 Reber Building

Matt Parkinson (term ends August 2025)
213K Hammond Building

Becky Passonneau (term ends August 2026)
W318 Westgate Building

Faculty ombudspersons provide a safe, informal, and highly confidential environment for the discussion of issues and concerns. They assist the faculty member in identifying or creating options for resolution that meet the needs of both the faculty and the university, and they may provide referrals to formal channels with investigatory powers when necessary. They do not keep formal records, conduct formal mediation, perform formal investigations, or serve as an advocate for any party. Faculty Ombudspersons advocate for fairness.

From AC76 policy: "The objective is to enhance communication and clarify possible misunderstandings in situations which involve potential disputes, to advise faculty members and administrators as to appropriate courses of action, and to help settle matters before they become hardened into serious disputes." https://policy.psu.edu/policies/ac76#D

From the university faculty ombudsperson: “My fellow Ombudspersons and I are committed to listening to the faculty; answering questions; explaining policies and procedures; providing information and advice; exploring possible solutions; suggesting appropriate referrals; and assisting in pursuing resolution of differences.” More information about the roles of faculty ombudspersons can be found at https://senate.psu.edu/faculty/faculty-ombudspersons/

Useful Links for Tenure Line and Professional Track Faculty

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs:  https://www.vpfa.psu.edu/

Resources Available:

  • Promotion and Tenure policies, administrative guidelines, and FAQs (updated each academic year)
  • Sabbatical Leave information
  • Faculty Handbook
  • Guidance on Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness

Activity Insight (Digital Measures):  https://activityinsight.psu.edu/

Resources Available:

College Activity Insight Representative

Amy Corbett, Faculty Affairs Administrative Coordinator

Self-Report of Activity (SRA) and Faculty Evaluations

Sabbatical Leave Information and Application System

College of Engineering Guidelines

Promotion & Tenure Online Reviewing Platform (PTORP):

NOTE: Only Review Committees, Department Heads and the Dean will have access to this dossier reviewing platform.  https://app.ohr.psu.edu/promotion_tenure/

Corporate Engagement Center Resource Library

The resource library is intended to share information on resources, best practices, and topics that impact the work of Penn State faculty and staff members who engage with corporations. 

Visit the Corporate Engagement Center Resource Library.

Tenure Line Faculty


Committees and Guidelines

Workshop and Panel Discussions

  • COE P&T Workshop for Dept. Heads, Dept. P&T Committees, & Dept. Support Staff
    (Please communicate to those who are involved in the preparation and review of the dossier)

    Video Recording Part 1 (from September 6, 2023)
    Video Recording Part 2 (from September 7, 2023)
    PDF of PowerPoint Slides (from September 6, 2023)

  • 2022-2023 P&T Candidates Panel Discussion
    (Please communicate to all new faculty in the tenure track as they should plan to attend this session)

    Video Recording (from September 8, 2022)

Professional Track Faculty


Committees and Guidelines

Workshops and Panel Discussions

  • Panel Discussion for Professional Track Faculty members relative to the promotion process.

    Video Recording (from September 13, 2022)
    Video Recording (from November 29, 2023)
    Workshop PDF (from November 29, 2023)