Undergraduate Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Engineers inspire and impact society in a variety of ways, with a number of career paths that Penn State Engineering students can follow. In this video, Justin Schwartz, executive vice president and provost at Penn State, describes how the College of Engineering’s majors at University Park provide students with the expertise and experience to solve society’s greatest challenges.

Follow the links below for Undergraduate Bulletin details on each of the Penn State engineering and engineering technology degree programs. For more details on the College of Engineering majors that conclude at Penn State University Park, visit the Explore Engineering Majors page. For more details on engineering majors within the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, please visit ems.psu.edu.

Engineering Majors at Penn State

Start a bachelor's degree at any campus, end at the campus(es) indicated.

Four-Year Engineering Degrees

Four-Year Engineering Technology Degrees

Two-Year Engineering Technology Degrees (Start and finish at same campus)


A minor is an academic program that supplements your major. At Penn State, a minor requires you to take 18-21 credits of coursework in a single area. Some minors offered through the College of Engineering include:


A certificate program requires you to complete a set of core requirements in a certain area through a combination of in-class work and co-curricular experiences. Once attained, your certificate program will be noted on your transcript and will enhance your resume to set you apart from others in your field. The College of Engineering currently offers numerous certificate programs including: